Anchor Locker & V-Berth Finish Work


It was time to start putting the interior back together.  Here is a picture with the  liners put back into place.  I used the existing liner material and had to cut it to fit the new shape of the interior.  I then modified the fascia board and used it to add some color to the interior.

Next was the gunnel trim boards (black).  They needed to be shortened and I also added some hooks, so that I could hang some cargo netting on the v-berth walls.  This would be a great organizer, as PFD’s, and other stuff stored in the cuddy cabin usually ends up in a big pile.

The anchor locker was gelcoated and the hatch was installed to finish things topside.

A gas strut was installed to support the hatch and rubber matting was installed in the locker to protect the fiberglass from dings, etc.

Take a look at the Before and After images