Improvement Projects


Although the boat was in very good shape for its age, I have made some improvements.

Rear Seat Re-build:  The rear seat was starting to crack and showing signs of age.  I re-built the seats and added some color to the sun pad.  Before & after images are below.  The ‘before’ image is the one on top.

Lettering & Logo:  The “FORMULA” lettering and “Thunderbird” emblem were in rough shape.  I purchased a new set and installed them.

Anchor Locker:  The boat tends to favor form over function in its design, and as such did not have an anchor locker. So, I decided to add an anchor locker into the dead space in the bow. 

Click here to see my Anchor Locker Page.



Pram Boat Dinghy: 

(UPDATED July 2011)

I have always wanted to build a boat . . . and a few years back my inflatable dinghy bit the dust.  So, here is my hand at making a fiberglass over foam core dinghy. 

Fiberglass Dinghy Project Page

Dinghy Project Movie (Part 1)

(Movie 5 MB)

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