Anchor Locker Project


Project Planning: My boat tends to favor form over function, and as such did not have an anchor locker.  I was thinking that an anchor locker would be a great addition to the boat, since we anchor frequently.

I took a look at the space in the very front of the bow/V-Berth to see if I could put an anchor locker there.  Initially, it did not look too promising as there was not enough space.

The dead space in the front of the v-berth did not have much extra room to serve as an anchor locker.  The steel rod that attaches to the lifting ring prevents good access.

After some thought, I came up with a design that would provide a good sized locker and not take too much away from the v-berth.

The design includes a locker/box, a hatch (cut out from the deck) and a flange to support the hatch.  Pictured in the pages that follow are the various steps along the way.