GelCoat & Hardware


A coating of white gelcoat was applied to the entire boat.  Then the boat was ready for hardware installation.


I used stainless steel oar locks that are firmly anchored all the way thru into the rub rail.  I’m thinking that they will not come loose, ever (?).

There is a drain plug for the bailer when the boat is in use and it is normally removed when the boat is tied up at the dock.  This allows rain water to drain instead of accumulating in the dinghy.

Here is a picture of the boat in the water.  This is after its ‘maiden voyage’ out to the ‘big’ boat.


The dinghy sits a little forward in the water, but has great capacity in the stern when a second person is on board.  It rows very well as it sits high in the water and glides well between oar strokes.

It took about 2 years start to finish, with lots of stopping in between.  The final weight came in at 140 lbs., which was real close to the 130-135 lbs. that I was shooting for.

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Outboard Motor for the Dinghy