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This site is a documentary of my experience searching for, owning and maintaining a Formula 330 Sun Sport.  It is my first ‘big boy’ boat, and presents some challenges and differences from owning my previous mid-size boat, a Formula 242 Sun Sport.  Perhaps one could say that I am partial to Formulas . . . perhaps.


My previous boat, a Formula 242SS, underwent a series of lifetime maintenance events after the 2011 boating season, needing major engine work and structural repairs.  Then, early in the 2012 season the boat met its demise, when the engine hydro-locked.  It turned out that the cylinder heads were starting to rust through, causing water ingestion.  This was overlooked during the engine work, just the year prior.  Lesson learned . . . do a cooling system pressure test, in addition to the typical compression and cylinder leak tests.

1991 Formula 242SS

(Owned for 7 years, 2005 - 2012)

Rather than repairing the ‘242,  I decided to move on to a bigger boat . . . something in the 28 - 33 foot range.  I sold the F-242 as a ‘fixer-upper’, needing a new engine, then focused on finding a new (to me) boat.

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1996 Formula 330SS

(Purchased September 2012)

Topics Include: Boat Search, Sea Trial and Survey, Structural Moisture, Closed Cooling System, Fresh Water Cooling, MPI Fogging, Maintenance, Color Graphics Scheme, Transporting, Swim Platform, Blisters, Mercruiser 7.4 LX MPI, Compression Test, Cylinder Leak Test, Antifouling Paint, Anchor Locker, Outdrives, Sea Water Pump & Strainers, Outdrives, Bravo III, Anodes, Corrosion, Positive Flotation, VHF Radio, CO2 Detector, How Used Boats Sell.

Recent Updates:

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Outdrive Trim Issues and Trim Pump replacement (May 22, 2013)

Updated Closed Cooling System page (April 14, 2013)

Updated Maintenance List - Update for Early April (April 7, 2013)

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