Catalina 22

(Sold Sept 2004)

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What's New on the site.

The Idea of a Sailboat

My Requirements for a sailboat

The Candiate Boats and selection process

The Trailer

My Boat - a Catalina 22

Her Maiden Voyage

Photo Albumn 

Projects Completed

Project plans for the future

Technical Tips

Sailing Links

Some Opinions

Selling the boat

Buying a Power Boat

This site has been established to share my experiences in acquiring, maintaining, and sailing my trailer-able sailboat, a Catalina 22.

Take a guided tour of the site by following these signs , or use the navigation bar at the top of each page to go where you wish.

The story is told . . .

It all started with an idea . . .      

A sailboat was within reach, now for the requirements.  

The selection process and candidate boats .

But what about the Trailer?  

The final results (my boat), a Catalina 22.

Her maiden voyage .

Adding My Own Touches. (Projects completed) .

Project plans for the future.

and finally . . . moving on, Sailboat FOR SALE  (sold)

My search for a power boat.

This site is no longer actively maintained, but questions & comments? 

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Mast Raising

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Outboard Motor

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Trailer Tongue Extension

Trailer Tongue Weight

Water Ballast

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Ted's Sailing Page has been put together for my enjoyment in documenting my boating experience. This site is for documentation and entertainment purposes only . . .

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