Initial Maintenance and Preparation


Even though the boat was in good condition, there was a fair amount of work that needed to be done to address minor issues, head off potential issues, and to make things the way I wanted them.  I compiled a list of items that needed to be done . . . as shown below.

I planned out the maintenance and upgrade items over the next few years, putting the more critical items first, like things that were called out on the survey, and pushing the less important items out for future years.  Some of the items are related to the preparations for salt water use, as the boat was previously a ‘fresh water boat’.  Other items are typical of a 15 year old boat.  This list will evolve as the years go by . . .  However, it gives a good idea of the maintenance that boats tend to need.

Maintenance and Enhancement Projects

In addition to the maintenance that could be considered routine, there have been, and continue to be, major projects of a maintenance or enhancement nature.  Click the links below to see these projects in detail.

Closed Cooling System Installation

Swim Platform Delamination

Structural Moisture

Fogging MPI Engines

Color Scheme Change

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F330 Maintenance List

(May 2013)