Mercruiser 7.4 L - Wiring Harness Installation


The wiring harness was the last thing to be installed on the engine.  It needed a bit of TLC, especially in the area where the harness branches out and where the main circuit breaker and starter solenoid are located.  I installed a new solenoid, as the old one was very rusty.  The mounting of the Mercathode was also reworked as that was never well mounted.  It looked like an afterthought.

Below is a picture of the solenoid being installed.

I enclosed the wiring harness in new conduit to give the engine a more finished look.

Here is a picture (right) of the mercathode securely installed along with the main circuit breaker and solenoid.

Below are a couple more pictures of the engine finished up.

My plan was to run the engine out of the boat in order to adjust the valves and set the ignition timing. Then a compression test will be done to see if all is well, before re-installing the engine into the boat.

Now it was time to test run the engine . . . . Click here to see the test run .